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Monday, September 27, 2010

Job interviews = Work clothing.

I going to American Apparel  because they are hosting open calls for jobs soon and I was wondering, what am I going to wear!? I have like little to no dress/ work clothing. So I put some outfit together so my mom can take me shopping and I can know the exact style I want. This may help you to on a job interview, especially if your trying to get a job at a clothing store. Style is always a plus.

Black blazers are always in style and what makes them always in style is their variety. You can always find one different form the next.  
 My favorite is the first one (:

This is not the usual blazer but a true fashionista can pull it off. I would definitely wear this.  

 Pants, high waisted is always classy. Both black and beige are flattering though.

Me personally, i'm going with black blazer and beige pants. (Not these specifically.) 

(: <3

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bestfriend (:

She made this picture. I was like soo amazed.  I couldnt get this expression, :D, off my face haha.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Alexander McQueen.

Bomb Chicago store.

Jugrnaut has bomb clothing, and the lines they have in there are even more amazing. Like two of my favorites MTTM and Hellz Bellz. They also have 10 Deep, Better off Dead, Dime Piece and many more. Check'em outttt.

Dime Pice

I love their clothing.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Saucie Garments: If you dont know now you know!

Saucie Garments: If you dont know now you know!

Floral vest. Desing and made by me, Tenetia Rachel.

Building Skirt.

 Tenetia Rachel Designs.
Has a pink button to accentuate it all.  

Strike a match.

Yes yes because i'm back. I realized I need a place to express and post my own creations, ideas, and inspirations. With tumblr, i just like to reblog now. So now i'm going to post my clothing and all my inspirations on here. Enjoy it. (: