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Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Check her blog. She is the truth <3
Also the first woman to design her own Air Jordans called Va$htie"Violette" Jordan 2's.

Kanye West Runaway

*claps* woww Kanye woww.

This is a true work of art. I didn't see one bad review. Except from one simple minded child on tumblr stating that "Kanye movie was weak/bad". How do you sound? They obviously have no creativity or individualism. I though for a sec they were creative from their tumblr but anybody can seem that way when all you do is reblog stuff that OTHER people this is cool.
But anway good job Mr West you have done it again.  (:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The "Whats my name?" look.

Women Striped Cropped Sleeve Blazer Jacket

Stretch Velvet Tank Thong
American Apparel

The Patterned Knit Track Short
Karmaloop - NTICE

Super Sheer Tights
American Apparel

Lightwieght socks
American Apparel

Kimchi Blue Wooden Heel Oxford Shoe
Urban  Outfitters

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rihanna : The trendsetter.

Who wears stuff like this? No one. Rihanna is a trendsetter. I already wanna make my self some lace bows. That is pretty original. I'm veryy happy with Rihanna and where she is going right now. Everything is just coming back to the way I like it. The fun Rihanna, not the after math of Chris, Rihanna.
Also this outfit, its so original and chic. It just makes me want to be creative with the way I dress. When I get dressed I think "What can I do different?" or "What has no one seen me wear?' and base my outfit off that. Try it you might wear something that will make you famous. Thats a stretch but hey a girl can dream. (;

Friday, October 15, 2010

Bulls snapback shawtyy.

Rihanna is all the way back (:

New sinlge only girl. Rihanna is so beautiful in this video. I wasnt feeling the red hair, i'm still not fully feeling it. Its growing on me though. I will definitly be buying this cd. I have bought the first two cd's, skiped Madhouse. Now i'm back.  Rihanna fan <3 (:
Me in a few years.
Popparazi everywhere. (;

Vintage Coogi Sweater (:

I want one baddd!
Yes they are coming back.