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Monday, June 14, 2010

Fashion & Relationships.

When you first met someone what is the first thing you look at? For me it is what they are wearing. I'm sure if a bummy girl/boy came up to you, you wouldblow them off. But if someone as fresh a Kanye West came up to you you would give him your number with no problems. I think fashion influences some relationships for example my boyfriend and me. He is cute but what attracted me to him more was the way he dresses. He compliments my style and I compliment his, therefore we look good together. Another good thing is if you have a bf/gf that is into fashion, or at least has some type of style, they can put you on to new things they they my not have known about or never tried. Example, i'm sure Amber Rose was not wearing Jordan's before she got with Kanye. And i'm sure Amber put him on to some high fashion clothing items. "What a strange power there is in clothing." - Isaac Bashevis Singer

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