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Monday, November 8, 2010

Twitter Fashion Tip

It's a new thing i'm doing where I post a daily fashion tip. I haven't really been on it but i'll try my best you keep you guys and twitter updates on the fashion tips. Here's some I have already posts a few days ago.
Make the most of what you have. #fashiontip

11:56 AM Nov 5th
Knowing you style is having confidence and comfort in yourself. Find your style and confidence will come. #fashiontip

2:55 PM Nov 4th

If you wear tight jeans, wear a loose shirt and vise versa. Both loose looks sloppy, both tight looks trashy. #fashiontip
4:09 PM Nov 1st
Remember black shirt= black bra white/color shirt= nude or white bra. #fashiontip
1:29 PM Oct 28th
Wear what you want 9 time out 10 you will look better then trend followers. #fashiontip
1:39 PM Oct 26th

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  1. i really like wat your sayin....u will make it sumwhere in life keep up the gud work kido